The Ram 1500 offers drivers a range of options, and those include different cab sizes. Our inventory covers a variety of Ram 1500 trims, packages, and colors, and we have two cab sizes for the Ram 1500. Finding the right truck can take some research, so below we highlight differences between Ram 1500 cab sizes and what they offer passengers.

The two Ram 1500 cab sizes are Quad and Crew. Ram 1500 Quad Cabs have four doors, but the rear two doors aren't as large as the front two, and there's not quite as much legroom in those models. A Ram 1500 Crew Cab truck offers seating for up to six passengers, and there is over 45 inches of rear-row legroom. The crew cab trucks also have more storage compartments and under-seat storage in them. Both Ram truck cab sizes offer beds over 6 feet long, and you'll get impressive capability from any Ram 1500 configuration.

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