How Does a MOPAR Plan Benefit the Owner of a Vehicle?

To understand the benefits of a MOPAR protection plan, you first need to understand the coverage limits of your factory warranty. The warranty covers parts, mechanical and static, that are not considered typical wear items. So, your engine, as long as you responsibly handle the regular servicing schedule, is covered. The little things like interior cup-holders are not included.

MOPAR offers two plans that cover an extended range of items not covered by the factory warranty or that cover those items after the warranty has run out. The Added Care Plus Plan covers over 800 parts whether you are driving in town or out on the highway. The Maximum Care Plan includes over 5,000 components no matter where you may be driving.

Come to All American Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM FIAT of San Angelo for a complete analysis of how a MOPAR Plan covers you and your vehicle when you need it the most.



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