Leaking Exhaust - Know the Warning Signs

Remember back in the day when we thought a loud exhaust sounded so cool? We now know that a loud exhaust usually means a leaky exhaust, which can be harmful to us and the environment. At our San Angelo dealership, we can check out your exhaust, offer maintenance tips and show you our selection of exhaust systems.

Some times the exhaust may not be loud but may still be exhibiting signs that it's leaking. Knowing what to look for can prevent small problems from becoming big problems. These signs may indicate you have a leaking exhaust.

  • Intermittent popping or hissing sound while driving
  • Visible leaks from the exhaust pipe
  • Vibration when touching the gas pedal or steering wheel
  • Declining gas mileage

If you suspect your exhaust may have some issues or you're in need of a new exhaust system, call for an appointment or stop in at our auto parts shop today.

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