What's the Difference Between FWD and RWD Vehicles?

Are you trying to decide whether to buy a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive car? If so, both types have two major advantages. Analyze your driving habits to see which type of better for you.

Vehicles with rear-wheel drive have a solid axle design, meaning they can take a lot of abuse and not incur damage. These vehicles also offer better balance, and with it, better handling. Front-wheel drive cars are less expensive to design and build as they have fewer working parts. Thus, the savings are passed to the buyer. The second advantage that front-wheel drive vehicles offer is better traction in bad weather, especially in snow. You'll get stuck less often.

If you're still undecided which type is better for your driving habits in San Angelo, Texas, stop by our new car showroom today. Our sales associates will be glad to point out all the pertinent facts.

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